"Art That Makes You Smile"                 Karna Peck


 Did you smile when you saw one of my art pieces? I enjoy that response. When my art can make you smile, It is priceless.I began my career when a neighbor gave me a set of oil pastels.

I was age 9. I was inspired. Since then I have had a wonderful life,

winning awards, having books published, and educating people about art.

     At age 22, I was asked to paint 9 murals for the State of Washington in a local hospital. Since then I have painted over 50 murals for businesses and private residents.

     My mom invited me to show my works a fair in Kent WA. I was teaching for the school district and could not believe I made more money at the fair than teaching all week. I decided to sell at fairs and other such venues since.

     In 1990 I came up with a fun t-shirt design, I named it the cage shirt. It was so successful it became a production. I bought a screen printing business and started sales to the Space Needle, Zoo and Aquarium. Mrs. USA loved my design and had her photo taken with it. She looked great.

     I got involved with helping the homeless in 2007 and came up with a program that helped them start their own business. I had 3 homeless persons within a year off the ground and running a business. I love new businesses get off the ground by designing logos, packaging and what every they need to get going. I wrote a book about “The Business Before Business”.

     I started my career with oil pastels, then oil paints, acrylics, water colors, clay, chalk, fabrics and fabric inks, wood, computer graphics, recycling throw sway's, printing, casting, and mold making.
     I earned an Associate of Arts degree from Skagit Valley College, a Certificate in Interior Design, an  Arizona State Certification for community colleges, and several awards in painting, design and sculptures.

 I attended WWU, ASU, Palomara College CA. and about 7 other colleges. Dennis  Brown is world famous for his Santa Claus figurines, taught me how to do sculpturing in polymer clay. It was a blast.
     As a board member for Carlsbad Oceanside Art League, CA. I learned marketing skills. The Masters Of Arts Program, AZ, taught me about art masters. Faith in Action, WA, and The Maggie Lake Association, WA., I learned about running a successful board. I have had lots of help on the way.

Many thanks to:

Dean Peck, my husband, (computer guru and chief supporter),
Roger Crowe (poet and writer) 
Roy "Ravin'" Crowe (music, sound tracks, and editing),
George Early (web master),
Reiko Peck (helped with the marketing),
Sheri Hauser (Glory Bound Publishing, editor, event planning, & printing).
 You are the greatest!!! Thank you for helping me make "Art that makes you smile" 

You can contact me by email, phone or mail.

Smile@KarnaPeck.com          (360) 801-0424



                      Studio At:           706 B Pacific Avenue

                                                  Bremerton, WA. 98337