These small acrylic paintings are painted with brushes and fingers.
They are painted on ceramic tile and coated for use in ceramic works
Karna Peck enjoys the detail in these painting and I hope you do too.


Title: Waiting for the Ferry
A Washington State Ferry is in the background. The two pets are waiting on the patio for it to arrive with their friends, on a summer day with the gardens in bloom.


cat dog ferry web.jpg

Title: Friends watching a Ferry
The Washington State Ferry run in Puget Sound. These pets are waiting on the patio for it to arrive with their friends.  Mt Rainer is in the background.


tile4folage web.jpg

Title:  Watching the waves
Washington is full of foliage and flowers. There are mountains in the background.
This  piece represents the beauty of Washington State.


tulip fields 2 web.jpg

Title:  Skagit Valley Tulip Field
.There is a place in Washington that grows lots of tulips and they are wonderful to see when they are in bloom. The farm had trails to walk on for the public to enjoy. 


tulip farm5 web.jpg

Title:  Skagit Valley Tulip Farm
This place in Washington is a tulip farm . This painting was painted  by one finger. Karna's index finger. It is a favorite of hers.


tile3dragonfly web.jpg

Title: Dragonfly in the garden
There are more than one dragonfly in this piece. It has iris, tulips and evergreen trees. The cloudy sky will bring rain to the garden.


tile2glass2 web.jpg

Title: Glass bottle and wine glass
Purple Mountains in the background and lhe lake near by is a nice relaxing setting for a time out. It is fun to look at the stems going through the glass bottle.

tile1 sailboat web.jpg

Title: Windy day sailing
Looking from the beach throught the foliage this boat is passing by fast. The mist is in the air and so is spring.